Union Square

Interior Design, FF&E, Interior Styling

Union Square, in the vibrant city of Somerville just north of Boston, is home to many incredible innovative businesses – Union Square Donuts, the ingenious Bow Market, and, most famously, Fluffernutter. But the Square was relatively unknown and underappreciated due to a lack of efficient public transportation. With the recent opening of a new subway stop, Union Square had the unique opportunity to bring in new residents and businesses and to bolster community activity. Boston-based firm Visual Dialogue developed a comprehensive branding and digital experience for Union Square using thorough research to understand both the Square’s present and its future. We partnered with them to design and furnish the downtown Marketing Center. Visitors are engaged through distinct areas that display interactive maps, evocative imagery, presentation materials, and a large-scale model of this transformative development. The result is a cheerful introduction to this colorful neighborhood – Welcome to Union Square!

A customized wall of shelving, designed in a series of squares, houses local products and references to businesses and universities in the area.


Collaborative agency: Visual Dialogue
Photography: Lee Hopkins

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