The Causeway

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Originally a simple dining room within the historic Craignair Inn, The Causeway has become one of the premier dining establishments in mid-coast Maine. When the new owners decided to create an elevated dining experience for this space, they brought us in to realize their vision of a friendly, casual space serving craft cocktails, a robust wine and beer selection and creative local fare. With just 6 weeks to open, we turned the tired dining room into a dining destination.

Restaurant coaster design
Restaurant interior design Maine
Branding design for restaurant Maine

Interior design of restaurant in Maine

The actual causeway connects the mainland to Clark Island where granite was quarried for decades. We looked to this industrial past for our graphic reference, pulling old typography and lettering from state directories printed the year of its construction and designing a menu system around found stonecutters invoices. 

Restaurant branding menu design Maine
Menu design for restaurant in Maine
Restaurant interior design Maine
Restaurant interior design and branding Maine
Interior design for restaurant in Maine
Bar design for restaurant in Maine

The single biggest change was the addition of the bar. Now, guests have a place to gather for a cocktail or informal meal. But the best part is the bar window. Now the end of the bar becomes an outdoor counter where guests can order from outdoors. This proved to be an enormously successful change, giving guests more ways to enjoy a drink or snack while giving the restaurant an additional source of income. We affectionately call this the Clark Bar, and it deserved a look of its own.

Design for outdoor dining in Maine


Property photography: Lauryn Sophia

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