Revere & Co.

Brand Identity, Packaging, Print, Illustration, Art Direction

Jewelry is personal, and the reasons to purchase and wear it are varied and unique. What’s even more personal is being able to craft your own. Revere makes personalized modern heirlooms to capture every moment – new jobs, new houses, babies, anniversaries, realized goals and chapter endings. With a classic heartbeat, a nod to the past and a belief in all the good things to come, we crafted a brand to fit this beautiful vision that all moments are worthy of celebration.

A custom box was designed to create a unique opening experience. A tray slides out from either end, revealing your ring nestled on a rich sea of classic navy blue. The box becomes a keepsake and is the perfect presentation for gifting.

An hand-illustrated pattern tells the brand story, from the ancient civilizations that developed some of the first signet adornments to the modern day rituals of gifting and celebrating.

A custom ecommerce experience transports you to the world of Revere. Specialized illustrations guide your choices of engraving styles.

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